Faith Made Well


Faith Made Well is a 21-day cleansing journey to physical and spiritual clarity, wholeness, and health.

The complete Faith Made Well program is now available! You will receive one beautifully designed 176 page PDF version of the book for your purchase.

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Let’s embark on a journey together. A peaceful path to restoring a whole and healthy body, mind, and soul

Are you experiencing paralyzing pain emotionally, physically, or spiritually? Do you feel tired, sick, mentally or spiritually unclear, and as though God is far away?

I invite you to Faith Made Well: a 21-day cleansing journey to clarity, wholeness, and health. Faith Made Well is an elimination cleanse in the tradition of the spiritual discipline of fasting. You will receive a suggested food elimination plan to follow for the duration of the program, 21 daily readings, prayers, and a though provoking journaling topic for each day.

Experience the true freedom and clarity that can be found by surrendering your heart fully to Christ and saying no to many of the common foods containing toxings that hinder us from clearly hearing His voice.

The purpose of this cleanse is to help you feel your best while growing closer to Jesus, not to lose weight or drop dress sizes. However, don’t be surprised if your eyes are brighter, skin is clearer, and jeans feel looser by the end.

You might feel a deeper sense of connection to your emotions, by ridding your gut of the bacteria that has plagued you for years. You might find the edge has been taken off, and the joy of the Lord is somehow more accessible. But by prayer, above all things, is that you will experience a jumpstart into a closer walk with Jesus.

“Take heart, daughter, your faith has made you well!”

- Matthew 9:22